Power outages can be a major inconvenience. They can also create problems for you, your family and your home as you shift into “emergency mode” to prevent your food from spoiling, to safely navigate your home in the dark, or simply to keep the fun while it last. Investing in a home generator can help make being without power more bearable.

You cannot control the weather

Most power outages are weather-related. As the number and severity of extreme weather events rises, so does the likelihood of a blackout lasting 24 hours or more.

You work from home

If you run a business or work out of your home, you know every minute counts. Going without power for even an hour can be a major inconvenience — if not a major risk — to you, your clients and customers.

Food spoiled quickly

According to the FDA, perishable food items should be thrown out once your refrigerator has been without power for as little as four hours

You live in a high-risk or severe climate area

Indonesia have such severe temperature extremes, that power to control air conditioning system can be essential for comfort and safety; and your risk to the potentially devastating effects of a power outage increase significantly.

In some areas, natural disaster is a high-risk and potentially occurs, and the Island of Java is one of the high-risk area (for earthquake, volcano, flood, etc.)

Someone in your home relies on electrictrically powered medical devices

If you or a loved one requires the assistance of a home medical device that runs on electricity, a power outage can be deadly. A generator can help keep those devices running.

You have hybrid/electric vehicle

Make a portable generator go the extra mile! When not using it for your basic emergency power needs, keep it in your car to stay charged no matter where the road takes you.

Not only for emergency

Portable generators can be put to use at work or play in, around and away from your home, too:

- Camping
- Portable Power tools
- Outdoor parties & events